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“Second Coming” gets new publisher

A month after DC Comics canceled the publication of Second Coming, a satirical comic book series featuring Jesus Christ, after backlash from Christians, Ahoy Comics announced it will be publishing the six-part series this summer.

“On July 10, 2019, AHOY Comics will publish the debut issue of the 6-part SECOND COMING comic book series, featuring covers by the award-winning artist Amanda Conner,” the publisher said Tuesday.

Our initiative picked up by CitizenGo in January attracted more than 235,000 supporters forcing DC Comics to drop the series from publishing.

After this victory we at S4C believe that with a sufficient amount of signatures AHOY could also get convinced that publishing this blasphemous comic was not a good idea. 

Therefore, we propose to CitizenGo to open the voting again shooting for one million signers. 

We have almost four months to go, let’s get this done!


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