Persecuted by a persecutor

imádkozó iszlám férfi

Mostafa wanted to kill his cousin when he found out that he had converted to Christianity. A strong spiritual experience changed his view.

For Muslims in Egypt, becoming a Christian is the worst thing that a person can do. It implies betraying your family and disgracing your parents.

Mustafa is a young man from a Muslim family. One of his cousins converted to Christianity; he was tasked with killing the unfaithful family member.

He travelled to Cairo, where his cousin lived, followed him to the church, just to be sure that he did, in fact, worship Christ. While he was waiting for the ceremony to end, a strange feeling came over him. The priest’s homily, the prayers and the lyrics of the hymns had touched Mostafa so much that he began to cry.

When Mustafa met his cousin after  Mass, he was no longer angry towards him anymore. On the contrary, his heart was full of love and mercy.

“I came to spy upon you and see if you really had become a Christian. I should tell the truth to my family and kill you, but I can’t, because I see, you have chosen a better way. Can you talk to me about Christianity? Why did you leave  Islam for this religion?” asked Mostafa of his cousin, Mohammed.

Mohammed took Mostafa to his house where they talked about the Bible for the whole evening. As it was too late to go home, Mostafa decided to spend the night in his cousin’s house. While sleeping,  he had a strange dream. He saw the crucified Jesus who spoke to him and said: “I have done all of this because I love you, and I want you to be free from your sins.”

Next morning, Mostafa told his cousin about the dream and asked him if they could pray together for his salvation. During the prayer, Mostafa cried out  and said: “Lord, I wanted to kill my cousin, your son, but now, I am ready to give my own life for you.”

One month later, Mostafa was baptised and became a follower of God. He has never talked about his or his cousin’s conversion to their family. Now, they both live secretly as Christians gathering covertly in the houses of fellow Christians to pray and worship.

Source: PortasAbertas

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