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Three churches desecrated in France


Last week, three churches were desecrated in the Yvelines, Tarn and Gard regions of France

On Monday, the 4th of February, a statue depicting the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus was toppled to the ground and “completely pulverised,” in the Church of Saint-Nicolas of Houilles in Yvelines.

On Tuesday of the same week, inside the Saint- Alain Cathedral in Tarn,  an altar-cloth was burnt and the arms of a sculpture depicting the crucified Jesus were crossed in a gesture made famous by the footballer Paul Pogba. It is probable that the vandals were all students from a school in the neighbourhood. One of the culprits has already confessed his involvement in the incident to the local police.

Two days later, on Thursday morning, in Nimes, the capital of the region, the Church of Our Lady of the Children in Nimes, came under attack. According to Midi Libre, a French daily newspaper, the tabernacle was broken into, sacred hosts were thrown on the ground and a cross was drawn on the walls with excrement.

Three profanities, apparently isolated from one another that have occurred in the same week in a European country must reflect poorly on a society that cherishes freedom of religion.    

Sources: La Croix, Aleteia

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