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Brussels’ mistaken liberal migration policy is increasing the danger of anti-Semitism in Europe

“The mistaken migration policy of the European pro-immigration forces and the Brussels bureaucracy are increasing the danger of anti-Semitism. They are also undermining Europe’s Christian-Jewish cultural roots." Minister of State for EU Affairs Szabolcs Takács from the Prime Minister’s Office said in a telephone statement on Thursday. He underlined that no form of anti-Semitism can become acceptable in Europe out of political interest.


The Hungarian Minister of State highlighted that during the conference organised in the European Parliament in the spirit of the fight against anti-Semitism, First Vice-president of the European Commission and the top candidate of the pro-immigration European left Frans Timmermans “forgot” to mention with relation to the phenomenon of increasing anti-Semitism in Europe that, anti-Semitism related to Islamic radicalism, which has increased as a result of immigration, represents the greatest security threat in Europe today.

“The fact that Timmermans did not emphasise this is further proof of the fact that the European left is supporting immigration, and doesn’t even care about the fact that by doing so they are significantly contributing to increasing anti-Semitism”. He also added:

“They are undermining Europe’s Christian-Jewish cultural roots. The European left also doesn’t care about Europe’s cultural identity and future”

The Minister of State emhasised that pro-immigration forces have joined forces and are prepared to do anything for money and power. Sadly, as a result “not even racism and anti-Semitism matter anymore”.

In contrast, the Hungarian Governments that have been in office since 2010 have always “stood up for guaranteeing the prosperity and safety of the Jewish community”, he underlined. “The current Government just as well is standing up in defence of the Jewish community and is taking action against anti-Semitism.

Although incidents of a mainly verbal nature do still occur in Central Europe, these are vastly overshadowed by the increasingly large number of anti-Semitic atrocities being committed in Western Europe, which are inseparable from Islamic migration”, the Minister of State declared.

Mr. Takács highlighted the fact that as early as 2015, as Chairman of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA),

he had already experienced the increase in anti-Semitism caused by fundamentalist immigrants, which “the radical left-wing forces are often accomplice to encouraging in Europe”.

In his speech, the Minister of State quoted Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, who during his visit to Europe said: “There are still anti-Semitic movements. Some of these are traditional anti-Semitism, but some are a new mix of anarchist, left-wing anti-Semitism, which goes hand-in-hand with radical Islam”.

The Hungarian Government regards the peaceful cohabitation of Jews and Christians in Hungary as a value that must be particularly protected. At the initiative of the Hungarian Prime Minister calling for the protection of Jewish communities and institutions, the sum of 500 million forints (EUR 1.6 million) is provided in funding every year to support the Action and Protection League, which was established to monitor European anti-Semitism.

“The Jewish community can live in absolute safety in Hungary and can always count on the support and protection of the Government”, the Minister of State added.

Supporting this argument he also mentioned that the latest report by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights indicates that Hungary is below the EU average with relation to indices that record various manifestations of anti-Semitism, while most Western European countries, including Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland and France, all have worse indices.

enough is enoughProtesters hold placards and flags during a demonstration organised by the British Board of Jewish Deputies for those who oppose anti-antisemitism in Parliament Square in London on March 26



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