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World Vision Forced Out of Pakistan After 13 Years

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After 13 years of operations, World Vision has been kicked out of Pakistan along with 17 other charities. With this move, Pakistan has joined with neighbors like China, India, and Russia in restricting foreign involvement in their country under the guise of greater security.

World Vision served more than a decade in Pakistan before the country formally joined its Asian neighbors like India, Russia, and China in restricting international involvement, claiming security concerns. In the midst of a struggling democracy and sagging economy, most Pakistanis prefer to seek aid from China and Saudi Arabia rather than Western countries.

A year ago, 27 international organizations were given expulsion orders, but 18 groups, including World Vision, continued operating while they appealed the decision. The Interior Ministry stated the organizations had violated their mandates to work in the country. Last month, a senate human rights committee pushed for more detail, requesting officials “inform international non-government organisations (INGO) the reasons why they could not be registered.”

After the government gave its final notice, November 30 was the last working day for the 18 organizations, which come from the US, UK, and elsewhere in Europe.

Earlier this year, as the South Asian nation’s economy worsened, the US cut military aid and placed Pakistan on a “Special Watch List for severe violations of religious freedom.” An intergovernmental task force in Pakistan criticized its anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regime, and by January, Pakistan will have to demonstrate capacity to seize properties of religious terrorist organizations that are banned by the US and the United Nations.

Source: Persecution, Christianity Today

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