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UK Taxpayer to Spend £20,000 on Transgender Murderer’s Sex Change

Sadistic killer who was born a man but sent to a female prison for murder because he identified as a woman only to be moved for sleeping with inmate is set for  around £20,000 sex-change operation paid for by the British  taxpayer. The exact bill for Paris Green’s treatment is unknown but it is believed to cost tens of thousands of pounds.


Paris Green was born Peter Laing but began “identifying” as a female in 2011, before being jailed for life in 2013 for killing and torturing Robert Shankland. The victim was lured to a flat before being beaten so badly footprints were left on his neck, having a plastic bag forced over his head, and being sexually assaulted with a rolling pin. 

A judge described the attack on Mr. Shankland as “utterly depraved” back in 2013.

Detective Chief Inspector David McLaren, of Police Scotland, added: “Robert Shankland was invited to a house which he thought was a safe place for him amongst people he had regarded as friends.

Despite the nature of her crimes, and retaining male biology, the killer began her sentence of at least 18 years at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirling, Scotland, but was moved after reports she was having sex with female prisoners in a cell.

From the women’s wing of the prison, Green wrote: “I am having the op, and pretty soon. The letter has went out [sic] to the surgeon asking him to take on my case.”

Paris Green

Mr. Shankland’s sister, Pauline Bell, 46, hit back. “She should not be getting the operation on the NHS. It’s not lifesaving treatment. She took ­somebody’s life away and destroyed a family,” she commented.

“You can murder someone brutally but while you’re in prison you’re ­entitled to everything you ask for because it might breach your human rights to say no. What about the rights of the victim and his family?”

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman said: “We cannot discuss ­individual cases but if a request is made by the NHS for surgery for one of the prisoners they are treating, we would not and could not stand in the way.”



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