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The Christian prisoners of the Abidjan prison are praying and fasting for the release of an Italian missionary priest, kidnapped in Nigeria last September


The Abidjan prison is the largest prison on the Ivory Coast. The Christian prisoners of Abidjan have taken to heart the case of Fr. Luigi Maccalli, the Italian missionary priest, who was kidnapped in Nigeria on the 17th of September.

Fr. Ramon Bernad, a missionary priest on the Ivory Coast,  told the Fides News Agency that the Christian prisoners in the Abidjan prison are keeping vigil, fasting and praying for the release of the kidnapped Italian priest.  

One of the prisoners said that, on the 17th of November, exactly two months after the priest was kidnapped, he fasted for the entire day, offering his sacrifice for the release of Fr Maccalli. “We, who are in prison, feel for Fr. Maccalli because we know first hand what the priest is suffering,” he said.

“Since that time, the prisoners have constantly been praying for Fr Maccalli. We hope that their prayers will be heard by God, and the priest released,” declared Fr. Bernad to the Fides News Agency. Fr Bernard is the economist of the African Missionary Society on the  Ivory Coast, and he regularly visits the Christian prisoners in the Abidjan prison. He fights tirelessly for the rights of Christian people and even organised a peace-march for the release of Fr Maccalli on the 18th of November. The march was composed of faithful who attend Mass every Sunday in the local church of the African Missionary Society.

Source: Agenzia Fides


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