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There was a Jihadist attack in Nigeria, in the neighborhood of the Mission of Makalondi


There was a Jihadist terror attack at the border of Nigeria with Burkina Faso. Two policemen were killed, many more were injured.


The event took place on the 17th of November , at a police station, located in the town of Makalondi, some fifty kilometres from Bomoanga.

Fr. Vito Girotto a priest of the African Missions Society, who decided to leave his mission in Makalondi for safety reasons, after the rape of his confrere, Fr. Maccalli , reported the attack to the Fides News Agency. It is worth noting that Makalondi is the town from where Fr. Luigi Maccalli was kidnapped two months ago.

Father Girotto told the agency that the Jihadists intended to steal weapons from the police station. The attack lasted only minutes and  police reinforcement arrived quickly, according to Radio France.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time that Jihadists have attacked a state office to get weapons. In the southwestern part of the country, near to Gourma, there is constant warfare between the Jihadists and the government.

According to other sources, the Nigerian government recently attacked Jihadists in the W National Park. Following the raid, many terrorist cells have been dismantled because they fear the anti-terrorist measures of the government.

Source: Agenzia Fides

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