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Pakistan: Christian widow Asiya Suneel makes headlines for her business, caring for her 4 kids

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On March 26, the medical staff and security guards of the Services Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan beat and killed Suneel Saleem as a result of discrimination against his Christian faith.


The trail of events that escalated to Suneel’s murder began with a simple request for medical attention at the hospital. Suneel’s appeal to the staff on behalf of his pregnant sister ended in a brawl that left Suneel’s wife a widow. His wife, Asiya Suneel, was left to take care of their four children alone. This tragedy has not only caused psychological trauma to the family, but also taken away this family’s main source of income.

To assist Suneel’s family and to secure a future for the now widowed Asiya and her four children, International Christian Concern (ICC) funded an auto-rickshaw rental business. Through this endeavor, Asiya will rent out the auto-rickshaw and therefore gain the ability to earn a stable daily income.

Fr. Qiasar Feroz, the priest at St. Joseph’s Church in Lahore, said, “My heart goes out to thank ICC for this great gesture of love and concern.”

The development of this small business not only uplifts the hearts of the grieving family, but also empowers Asiya to become the independent head of her family, eliminating the need to rely on others to provide for her children.

Asiya Suneel shared, “Thank you ICC for supporting me. After Suneel’s death, it was difficult for me to take care of four children. I was depressed, however, I am feeling a bit relax[ed] and thankful to you and Lord Jesus Christ for creating this opportunity for me.”

Although Suneel’s family is still coping with his death and the emotional strain this injustice has put on them, they feel very encouraged by ICC’s efforts to relieve the tension. Please continue to pray for the safety and security of this family and the broader Christian community where persecution such as this is common. Please also pray for this new business to bring relief to Suneel’s family as they continue to persevere.

Source: The Global Dispatch

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