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Dutch school children are forced to bow to Islam during mosque visits

School visit at the mosque. Shocking video footage and a report from the Dutch organisation “Klap uit de school”, show that numerous Dutch children are forced to bow to Islam. It happens during visits to mosques that frequently invited Salafi preachers.


The video footage above originates from 2016-2018 and especially at the end it becomes clear that many schools visit mosques.

The Dutch organisation Klap uit de school says that every day several classes of children are forced to have excursions to mosques during which they have to pray for Islam.

Children are visiting “mosques that frequently invited Salafi preachers, who call unbelievers dogs and call for jihad”, Klap uit de school reports on its website.

Mosques “that are under control of the Turkish government organisation Diyanet, and which are called our barracks by Erdogan,” are visited, as well, according to the website.


They speak Dutch but the video footage speaks for itself

“Dutch children are instructed by the imam to kneel and to pray” which is according to the organisation “not an innocent ritual but part of the Islamic strategy of conquest”.

The organisation wants to advise parents about their rights in keeping their children away from these sorts of excursions. Another goal is to protect Dutch school children against Islamic indoctrination.

A full report is available on the website of Klap uit de school, but probably limited to Dutch residents only, as it can only be delivered by post.



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