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“I wanted to abandon Jesus, but I could not do it.”

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Sari is an Indian young girl who was both  insulted, beaten and expelled from her home because of her Christian faith.


Sari  is a twelve-year-old girl from India who converted to  the Christian faith after her miraculous healing from an ear-disease. The girl was deaf since birth but God heard  her prayers and granted her a miraculous cure.

Her parents were overjoyed  because of her cure yet refused to let their daughter go to church to thank God for his help. She tried to go and pray secretly  but was discovered by her brother who beat her. She now lives with a Christian aunt of hers.

Sari has shared her story by asking people to pray for her because of how she suffers. When  asked if she had ever considered abandoning Jesus, she said; “I wanted to abandon him, but I could not do it.” People who know her well commented that her faith is incredibly strong.

Sari knows full well the importance of prayer. That is why she pleads with her brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for her and for her family to change their minds.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas


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