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Two persons died in a bus-attack in Kenya

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On Friday the 14th of September, some members of the Al-Shabaab group attacked a bus in Kenya and killed those who refused to comply with demands to recite an Islamic statement of faith


The bus-attack happened in the north-eastern part of the country according to local media sources as the vehicle was en route to the town of Garissa. Witnesses reported that the attackers stopped the crowded bus at a place called Handoro. Here they boarded the bus and demanded that the passengers show their ID cards, after which they separated out three men that were not locals.


A teacher travelling on the bus said the attackers demanded that the three men recite an Islamic statement of faith. One of them obeyed and was released. The other two men would not comply with the demand and were killed on the spot. The two men were Okoth and Frederick Ngui.


We have no information about Okoth, but it is well-known that Fredrick Ngui was a member of a  Christian church in Masalin where he worked as a liturgist. He had travelled to Kenya to a town called Hulugho for two weeks for reasons of work and was on his way back home when the raiders killed him. He leaves behind his wife and two children. His funeral will be at the end of the week in his hometown in Kitui County.


The events frightened the people present on the bus and the local Christians in Kenya. Unfortunately, this was not the first case where Christians have been attacked in public places, and bystanders do nothing to help them.

Source, photo: Portas Abertas

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