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Radical Muslims killed a Christian group of fourteen members

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The Christians were staying in a refugee camp and were about to leave when Muslim men attacked and murdered them.


On Thursday, the 6th of September, a group of fourteen Christians were massacred by extremist Muslims near the town of Bria, in the Central-African Republic. Among those killed were ten women and two children. According to the information of the Open Doors aid agency, the dead men sustained gunshot wounds;  the women and the children may have been killed using a rope. At least one of the women was pregnant.

A Christian leader informed us that the incident happened a kilometre away from a camp for displaced local persons. “They may have been killed while returning from the land,” said another man.

Gedeon, a Christian who lives in the same camp said there is significant tension in that region. Of the approximately fifty thousand people that live in the camp, most of them are Christians;  there are also some who follow the local traditional religions.

The biggest enemies of Christians in Bria are the members of the rebel Ex-Séléka group from South Africa.   The death of these fourteen Christians was connected with the ex-Sélékas group whose members have been responsible in the past for other attacks against Christians.

A leader of one of the Christian churches said: “They do not want to have any Christians here. They say all of us are members of the anti-Balaka (a term used for Christian armies), so every Christian is a hostile soldier. According to them, every Christian leader is a leader of this army, and if they catch one of them, they kill him without mercy. That is why the Christians are afraid of entering the city. Besides, the Ex-Séléka closed the roads to the city.  We cannot get food, we cannot go anywhere. We are starving, suffering here in the camp; our only hope are your prayers. Please pray for us! Another leader said: “It is an unfortunate situation. We pray every day to get help from God.”

Source: Portas Abertas

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