Contemporary Europe is not resistant enough to Islam

Egypt, Turkey, and Syria were once  Christian – with time, will Europe also become Islamic?



According to the Hungarian researcher Nikoletta Incze who works at the Centre for the Study of Political Islam, Europe is not showing any resistance to Islamism.  She claims that over the course of history,  Islamic dissemination has been frequently opposed, its progress greatly limited. This was because Islam was not only a religion, it was also a political ideology, focused on conquest, dominance, and the supremacy of Islam. Today however, in the spirit of tolerance and acceptance, Europe treats Islam as equal to other religions. Referring to research on Islamisation,  Nikoletta Incze said that if sixteen per cent of a country’s population became Muslim, an irreversible  Islamification process would begin in the given country or region. Before Islam appeared,  Egypt, Turkey and Syria had been Christian. Pakistan was Hindu and Afghanistan was Buddhist; Iran followed Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions in the world. Despite these long traditions,  Islam took over in these areas in just in a few hundred years.


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