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“We Are Fine as We Are” – Says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán About Christian Europe


In June of 2018, Victor Orbán shared his thoughts over the airwaves in Budapest about Christianity, language, culture and our way of life.


In Friday’s edition of the Hungarian radio programme “180 Minutes,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed his continued desire to stick to the traditions of Christian Europe. Towards the end of the extensive interview, he also talked about changes in European politics, Hungarian financial affairs and his plans for the future.

Reflecting on possible dangers that could lead to the downfall of traditional European and Christian values, Mr Orbán said that a radical transformation of populations is taking place in Europe. One of the reasons behind this,  commented the Prime Minister,  is that speculators such as George Soros are making large financial profits from the “ruination” of the continent.

The Prime Minister said that the battle with George Soros and his “army”, which includes certain non-governmental organisations, should be conducted in the open. The other side wants immigration— and the more the better, he said. 

Their ideological motivation is a multicultural Europe; they do not like the traditions of Christian Europe, and they think that this continent would be a better place to live if Europeans were mixed together with people from other nations. “They want to ruin Europe because they are hoping to make large profits in the process”, he said, as “that is just what financial speculators are like.”

However, Mr Orbán highlighted, “we do not want to be mixed with others”, and “we are fine as we are” – in terms of Christianity, language, culture and our way of life, as well as in terms of freedom of religion, the family, and relationships between men and women. He added that next year’s elections to the European Parliament will be about these issues and this clash of values.

Asked about the possibility of renewed migration pressure in the Balkans, the Prime Minister said that, since Hungary is a gateway to the Balkan region, it has a fundamental interest in maintaining an orderly situation in the area to the south of it. That is why, in the future, Hungary will continue to see both Serbia and Macedonia as strategic countries.

Speaking about the draft budget for next year, Viktor Orbán stated that a massive and “earthquake-resistant” plan has been put together, which means a budget for secure growth. This growth will hopefully help Hungarian families to grow as well. In such times a carefully considered budget must be created, he added, and therefore the Government has significantly increased its reserves, aimed at protecting the country.

He pointed out however that this will not distract the Cabinet from pursuing its goals: it will continue to protect security, stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment. And importantly, it will also continue to support families raising children.


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