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Bomb attack during Catholic Mass in the Philippines

Four people were killed and about fifty more wounded.

Nearly 70% of Filipino Catholics pray every day

Filipino respondents reported extremely high rates of prayer, with over 80% attending Mass at least once per month.

Nuns charged with terrorism

The nuns are associated with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, a Catholic group.

Six students were forced to renounce a biblical studies scholarship in the Philippines

The students renounced the formation but did not give up going to church.

Fire ravaged historical church in the Philippines

The Saint Vincent Ferrier Church in Sagay City, on the island of Negros, Philippines was damaged by a fire on the 9th of July.

Philippine Pastor Arrested Allegedly for Activism

A pastor in Bicol region was arrested yesterday after the police raided his home and conducted a search.

Christian man faces violent persecution due to his religion in the Philippines

Portas Abertas shared the story of a young Christian fisherman, who is persecuted because of his faith in the Philippines.

Three Catholic churches were vandalised in the Philippines on Ash Wednesday

The Christians chapels were victims of "acts of desecration" in Lamitan City, the Philippines on Ash Wednesday.

Philippine police storm Catholic school to arrest students

Church, rights groups condemn a raid that police claim was a rescue bid to save indigenous children from terrorism

New law could choke freedoms in Philippines

It intends to prevent terrorism, but human rights activists are concerned that criticism of the government could be included too