Tag: Religious Persecution

Fifteen Christian leaders arrested in Mauritania

Christian leaders and their families have been detained in Islamic Republic of Mauritania earlier this month

New book documents bias and stigmatisation in Pakistan’s education system

The book, written by Peter Jacob, Director for the Centre for Social Justice, was published on the 16th of November.

British Parliamentarians urge governments to release prisoners of conscience

ICCPR states that 'Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion'

Christian convert in India forced to leave home to practice new faith

Threats from radical Hindu nationalists, neighbors, and even family are a common part of the conversion experience in India.

Minorities in Pakistan claim they were refused aid due to their religion

Christians and Hindus are often treated like second-class citizens in Pakistan.

UN warns of imminent humanitarian crisis in the Sahel

More than 860,000 people have been displaced in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger due to growing extremist attacks

Over a hundred church attacks in Syria since start of civil war

"The Syrian regime has always invoked good slogans, but on the ground it has done the opposite," said SNHR chairman

US report on religious freedom shows: persecution grows in many countries

Published just a few days ago: Governments worldwide ratcheting up religious persecution

United Nations' symbolic effort for those persecuted because of their beliefs

UN General Assembly proclaims 22 August International Day for Victims of Violence Based on Religion, Other Beliefs