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New census reveals the majority of Scots have 'no religion'

For the first time in Scotland’s census history, the majority of people there have said they do not belong to any religion.

The tendency for apostasy is on the rise in Poland

The popular singer Dawid Podsiadło went viral with his recent announcement of apostasy.

Over 60% of people feel that the media perpetrate faith-based stereotypes

The study had 9,000 respondents, including citizens, journalists, and editors from 18 countries and major religions.

The European Parliament adops a report criticising religion

This report supposedly on religious persecution is actually hostile towards religion itself.

Religious populations grow faster than atheist ones across the world

Christian denominations that experienced the fastest growth rates are Evangelicals (1.8%) and Pentecostals/charismatics (1.88%).

Study suggests why religious marriages are less likely to end in divorce

Researchers noted that “religion might alter the dynamics between partners in important ways.”

Christians in India celebrate first Indian Christian Day

It is historically accepted that Saint Thomas was martyred near Chennai, located in India’s Tamil Nadu state, in 72 AD.

New study reveals that young people crave spiritual mentoring

Over ninety per cent of those who have five or more adult mentors say their life has meaning and purpose.

The number of religious families is declining in the USA

More Americans today, however, identify with no particular religion than at any period in the nation’s history.

Central Africa: what lies behind interreligious violence

"Coexistence has been undermined by commanders and politicians."