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Russian-occupied Crimea orders law to ban Ukrainien Orthodox Church

Epiphanius I, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, stated that "the spirit of the anti-Christ operates in the leader of Russia"

Russian priest arrested for having condemned the invasion of Ukraine

Together with 284 other priests, Rev. Burdin signed a letter which called for an end to the war.

US Christian leaders urge Russian Patriarch Kirill to stop Putin's war

In 2012, the patriarch called Putin’s rule a “miracle of God” and criticised his opponents, according to Reuters.

US-based Christian group sends emergency supplies to Ukrainian churches

Ukrainian forces continued to fiercely resist invading Russian troops on the fourth day of fighting.

Images of Stalin and Putin removed from cathedral mosaic

The Soviet dictator's face has been replaced by an inscription praising victory.

Mosaic representing Putin removed from Russian Orthodox military church

Another mosaic of former Soviet leader Josef Stalin has to be officially removed from the church.

Putin and Stalin appear on mosaics in one of Moscow's orthodox churches

The modern design of the church's mosaic is meant to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the victory over Nazism.

Hungary and Russia in cooperation for persecuted Christians in the Middle East

President Putin thanked PM Orbán for proposing a meeting with Middle East religious leaders and offered assisting Christians