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Indonesia’s religious leaders urge promotion of religious harmony

With over 85% of its some 267 million people professing Islam, Indonesia is home to the world's largest Muslim population.

Indonesia to repatriate 600 jihadis from Syria, leaders divided

A de-radicalisation programme awaits them at home.

Construction of Catholic church rejected due to local Muslims’ objection

However, the Church of the Saint Joseph Parish has obtained a Building Permit dated October 2, 2019.

Indonesian president joins Christians in celebrating National Christmas

The president stressed that the state guarantees religious freedom.

Muslim youths in Indonesia help security of church during Christmas celebration

A group of young Muslims in North Toraja came to serve their Christian brohers and sisters during their Christmas service.

Christmas celebrations in West Sumatra banned

Christians in West Sumatra, are banned from holding worship services and Christmas celebrations in 2019.

Soon-to-be evangelical minister raped and killed in Indonesia

The body of a female prospective pastor was found in Indonesia’s South Sumatra