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Iranian President ignored human rights abuses at the UN General Assembly

Human rights activists have further called into question whether Iran should have been given any kind of platform at the UNGA.

Can abortion go from being a crime against humanity to a fundamental right?

Fr. Bortkiewicz referred to the words of left-wing MEP Sylwia Spurek, who stated that "abortion is a human right."

Human rights groups call for renewed scrutiny of North Korea violations

Actions as simple as praying or talking about the Bible years of imprisonment, and even torture.

Nigeria’s military executes six Christian soldiers framed for crime

The men were given a rigged trial with government lawyers and were executed in secret.

Public inquiry into disappeared Christian couple will resume

The inquiry had started in February but was suspended in mid-March after two commissioners tested positive for COVID-19.

Two churches burned down in Sudan

There is still much analysis over the recent changes and the idea that Christians will have freedom any time soon.

USA: Democrats block bill protecting babies born alive from botched abortions

Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called both bills voted on Tuesday in the Senate "extreme" and "dishonest".