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Tristan Azbej reminded us that today is world day against child labour

Tristan Azbej reminds us that more than two hundred million children are forced to work around the world.

Armed robbers attack all-night church service in Ghana

A two-years-old is among the three injured.

A film about Copts murdered by jihadists in Libya to be released in Egypt

The director will be Yussef Nabil, whose life has already been in jeopardy for producing a film about Christian martyrs.

Azbej Tristan had talks in Ghana about Hungary Helps Programme

An important goal of the 'Hungary Helps Programme' is to promote the maintenance of stability of local Christians

An interview with Brother Emmanuel, a Salesian religious from Nigeria

Boko Haram does not discriminate. If they attack a village, everybody needs to escape, both Christians and Muslims.