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UN committee urges schools to withdraw from religious classes in the UK

Children should be able to withdraw from religious classes but not sex education, says UN committee

A Christian teacher was sacked for "misgendering" a pupil in the UK

The man apologised multiple times and explained that he did not mean to harm anyone.

A Brit admitted to be plotting the miurder of a street evangelist

The evangelist Hatun Tash, who is a convert from Islam to Christianity, engaged frequently in debates at London’s Speakers' Corner

Religious statues vandalized in Langton, England

Vandals with black paint covering the Holy Mary statue’s face and hands.

At least 30 gravestones were vandalised in a cemetary near London

Rev Canon Dr Andrew Bishop said the state that the Croydon Minster had been left in, had been a 'real shock'.

Charges dropped against woman praying in front of UK abortion clinic

The charges still could be revived, leaving her in an ambitious legal situation.

A suspect was put in jail for shooting 6 people exiting a church in London

A 7-year-old girl was also injured and was in serious condition.

Hungary shows example to the Western countries in supporting religious liberty

While there are everyday attacks on Christians in Western Europe, Hungary helps Christians in the Middle East.