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Islamic extremists set Christian houses on fire in Egypt

A Coptic Orthodox Christian community was violently disrupted when Islamic terrorists attacked their community

Persecuted Christian Family in Egypt Tortured and Displaced

Persecuted Christian Family in Egypt experienced this firsthand when they were arrested and tortured by National Security.

Persecuted Egyptian Christian prays for son’s murderers

4 Christians were killed, 100 injured in an attack against a Christian church, years ago - the community has renewed itself.

Extremists attack site of new church and burn down Christian homes in Egypt

An extremist mob attacked the buildings in Al-Azeeb in Minya province on the evening of 18 December.

Christian families are constantly pressured to convert to Islam in Egypt

Egyptian Christians frequently experience pressures to convert to Islam from Muslim-majority communities

Christians' rights are constantly violated in Egypt

Christian women hitting on the face for not wearing traditional Islamic outfit.

A Christian father and his son were killed in Egypt

Tre crime is believed to have been caused by religious hatred.

A Coptic Christian woman was violently attacked by a radical Muslim in Egypt

ICC ties this attack to others that have taken place across Egypt in recent months.