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The community of values among religions serves the needy

King Charles III, the monarch of the United Kingdom and several Commonwealth countries, emphasized the community of values.

Restrictions on religion at high levels worldwide even before lockdowns

Pew found that 43 countries were found to have “high” or “very high” social hostilities regarding religion.

Catholic students are most affected by bullying in Ireland

One teacher also suggested that "holding a religious worldview can be a lonely experience in modern Ireland."

Religious freedoms are violated in every third country, says new report

Withous any surprise, the report concludes that Christians are the most persecuted religious group worldwide.

Tashkent, religious communities subjected to whims of authorities

The new law that is about to be passed has only minor changes.

Catholic symbols to be removed from Irish State schools

Religious celebrations are to operate on an opt-in basis moving forward, rather than requiring students to opt-out.

Algerian Christians fear new religious discrimination

Six churches have been forced to close one of which is home to the head of l’Eglise Protestante d’Algerie (EPA).

Coptic Orthodox Church postpones reopening - for a reason

Many Christian communities feel the societal tension about COVID and do not want to risk accusations of spreading the virus

Christians in Pakistan struggle amid locust invasion and coronavirus crisis

“Christians have been told: Unless you become a Muslim or recite the Muslim creed, we’re not going to help you”

Incidents of Christian Persecution spike as India emerges from lockdown

These incidents include physical assaults, damage to Christian properties, and threats issued by radical Hindu nationalists