Tag: Communist terror

Five Christians Taken to Police Station from a House Church in Chengdu

They were only released in the afternoon after being questioned and told that they have “gathered illegally.”

Chinese agents raid homeschool run by persecuted megachurch

The church shared the news on social media.

Church Member Repeatedly Summoned by Police

Two years after the house church was raided authorities are still relentless in their oppression against the church.

Beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński is suspended

Stefan Wyszyński was a legendary pillar of Poland's fight against the communist regime as well as a respected figure of authority.

Gulyás: Communism Ended in 1989, but communists and their crimes are still here

Victims of communism are remembered in Hungary each year on February 25

‘Gulag’ Recsk: symbol of inhumanity, and Communist dictatorship - commemorated

"Confronting the fates of the survivors of the forced labour camp in Recsk, in northern Hungary, is never easy"

Communism has no heroes, only victims

November 25: Hungarians commemorate victims deported to Soviet Gulag camps

Jordan Peterson in private talks with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

He was in Budapest as a guest of the Brain Bar Festival on 30-31 May.

“God saved me,” says a cardinal who was tortured and condemned to death

He suffered persecution under the communist regime in Albania.