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The Pontiff honored the martyrs of the persecuted Hungarian Church

It was evident that he pays attention to the concerns and situation of Hungarian Christians - stated Cardinal Erdő.

The Communist Party of Vietnam continues its backlash on churches

In Vietnam, Christians are not allowed to work in the state apparatus.

Catholic media mogul jailed, bankers threatened in Hong Kong

Jimmy Lai is one of the most prominent faces of the pro-democracy movement in the former British colony.

Communist officials raid church-run elementary school camp in China

U.S. State Department labelled China as a “country of particular concern” regarding religious freedom, especially for Christians.

Christian fined nearly 3,000 USD for holding online Bible studies

Christian man in China’s Yunnan Province received a notice of administrative punishment from the local Religious Affairs Bureau

Infrastructure plan to aid ethnic minority Christians is announced in Vietnam

For the Hmong and Montagnard Christians this plan comes as part of a recent positive trend for their statuses within Vietnam.

The Church in Cambodia is growing as it leaves its scarred past behind

Thirty years ago, a devastated Church experienced a rebirth in a country where most of the population is Buddhist.