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Iran: another Christian convert released from prison

Amin Khaki has been informed that he is not obliged to complete his sentence.

Christian convert released from prison in Iran

In August 2019 US Vice President Mike Pence mentioned Mahrokh by name and in a Tweet demanded her freedom.

House of Christian father demolished by armed men in Pakistan

Nadeem Sohotra was told that his family cannot live in that neighborhood because of their religious identity.

Christians, Jews and Muslims of Jerusalem join in prayer amid pandemic

Representatives of other faiths such as Druze and Bahai were also present.

Internal exile of Iranian Christian convert extended by eleven months

Ebrahim Firouzi was involved in "unofficial" Christian activity for he received his sentence.

Christian convert activist arrested in Tehran after criticizing the regime

After her arrest, the young Christian activist had been transferred to a certain location.

Open Doors: Drastic increase in attacks against Christian targets

Annual data suggests, in certain countries religious freedom is not guaranteed.