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Catholic church attacked amid intensifying clashes in Myanmar

An estimate of 170,000 people is thought to have left homes in Myanmar’s Kayah state due to worsening attacks.

At least 35 civilians burned alive by Burmese army on Christmas Eve

At least 651 houses, six churches one clinic in Kayah state were destroyed between May and December 2020.

Myanmar Junta killed two Chin pastors last week

Pastor Om Kee from Oakphu ward in Kanpetlet, Chin state, was arrested on Saturday and killed the next day.

A Pentecostal church in Chin State burned down by the Burmese army

Since the 9th of September, more than 450 houses, including five church buildings were burned down in the now desolated Thantlang.

Another church attacked by Burmese army in Chin State

Since September, more than 300 houses, including four churches, have been burned to the ground in the now deserted town.

Catholic church and convent attacked by Tatmadaw in Myanmar

Time will tell whether the Tatmadaw can be reasoned with diplomatically in order to spare the lives of innocent Christians.

Two churches and a Baptist office hit with incendiary rockets in Chin State

Recent reports that soldiers have come out on the streets and deliberately torched houses in different locations.

Myanmar junta destroys a Chin church after failing to set it ablaze

On the same day, the military junta also burned down other 13 houses in the village.

Myanmar junta burns church and houses after arresting civilians

Christians have long faced oppression and persecution under iron-fisted military rule for more than five decades.

Church in Kayah State shelled by the Burmese army

The recent conflict has displaced more than 100,000 people from more than ten parishes in Loikaw Diocese