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Arrested Scottish street preacher wins substantial damages from police

Street preacher arrested in Glasgow wins thousands of pounds in compensation

Christian pastor arrested for praying at home on New Year's Eve

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrested two Christians for praying at home

Christians arrested for holding baptism ceremony in Mauritania

Following a lengthy legal fight, 15 arrested Christians and their families were released on the 18th of December

Fifteen Christian leaders arrested in Mauritania

Christian leaders and their families have been detained in Islamic Republic of Mauritania earlier this month

Pastor arrested for controversial remarks in Sri Lanka

An umbrella body of evangelical churches in Sri Lanka has voiced concern over the arrest of pastor Fernando

Christian communities threatened in Northern India

Over 25 Christians including pastors were detained or arrested in Uttar Pradesh state last week

A pastor was arrested yet againt in Minsk

In September 2022, he was arrested and received a fine of 3,200 rubles (about 1,200 USD).

Ortega's Socialist regime imprisons priests in Nicaragua

Fr. Óscar Danilo Benavidez Dávila was arrested in August this year along with other clergymen

Additional Christians have been arrested in India

The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of anti-Christian persecution incidents out of any other state in India.