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Sudanese Christians are at peril amid civil war

Nearly 180,000 IDPs have tried to flee the violence.

A Greek Easter service was interrupted by a man shouting in Arabic

The perpetrator only had the time to shout "Everybody listen!" before being taken away.

A French priest has been spit on and insulted in Arabic

French Christians are regularly targeted by young Arabs who often get radicalised in the hoods.

Algerian authorities continue to arrest Christians while churches remain closed

Algeria is on the US Special Watch List for countries that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom"

US leaders denounce Christian persecution in Algeria

ICC assures it will not relent in their efforts to see Christians in Algeria once again free to assemble and worship.

French government preocuppied with the situation of Christians in Algeria

The Protestant Church of Algeria considers itself "under increasing pressure and intimidation".

Belgian city translates information signs in Arabic and Turkish

The information campaign is about urban traffic and the "low emmision zones" of the city of Ghent.