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Bishop Shao was arrested again in China

It is uncertain where and for how long the 61 years old bishop will be detained. Signs indicate that his arrest won't be a short one.

Right at the beginning of 2024, Chinese security forces arrested Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou, in the eastern province of Zhejiang. He was ordained coadjutor bishop with a papal mandate in 2011 and after the death of his predecessor in 2016 he became the bishop of Wenzhou.

Bishop Shao is not a member of the Catholic Patriotic Organization. His refusal to join the religious organizations, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and his opposition to it’s activities lead to his arrest multiple times already.

During the time of festivities he is more often taken into custody to prevent him speaking to the faithful. In December 2023 he was taken into custody twice and spent Christmas in detention, away from his community, thus preventing him to celebrate Christmas Mass.

Probably the Catholic Patriotic Organization stands behind his latest detention. His detention came after Bishop Shao wrote a letter to Father Ma Xianshi – member of the patriotic association –, who was appointed by the Chinese government to be in charge of the diocese. He questioned many decisions Fr Ma made in the diocese of Wenzhou without the permission of the Bishop.

His detention will be a long one this time, since he was told to prepare clothes for every season. The faithful of his diocese now are praying for Bishop Shao and his return to his community.

Source: Asia News

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