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Persecuted Christian in Pakistan has home burned to the ground


Last week, in Faisalabad, Pakistan, where a Muslim mob destroyed 26 churches and numerous Christian homes after two brothers—both believers—were falsely accused of blasphemy.

After brothers Rocky and Raju Masih were framed for blasphemy, Pastor Jay—a local Christian leader and persecuted Christian in Pakistan—attempted to calm the situation. “I tried to foster a peaceful dialogue involving a local [Muslim] cleric who initially embraced mediation,” recalled Jay.

But things spiraled beyond Pastor Jay’s control when local mosques began to amplify incendiary announcements, urging attacks on the Christian populace and their sacred spaces.

Responding to local advisories, many Christian residents hastily evacuated their homes to flee the impending terror. What followed was an unrelenting assault on churches and residential areas.

Pastor Jay described a horrifying scene: attackers arriving by bus—armed with gas cylinders, petrol bombs and flammable, toxic chemicals.

As the local infrastructure went up in flames, so did Pastor Jay’s house and vehicle.

“My home now stands as a mere shell … my motorcycle reduced to ashes in front of me,” he lamented.

Pastor Jay went on to explain how the Muslim mob didn’t stop at destroying churches and believers’ homes; they also went after the Body of Christ’s local burial grounds. “Even the sanctity of the Christian graveyard was violated as radical groups vandalized graves,” he added.

Tragically, these shocking events unfolded under the gaze of local law enforcement, but they were outnumbered and unable to curb the rampage.

Jay says the Christian community’s sense of well being has been completely shattered. In fact, many believers were forced to seek refuge in outdoor fields, enduring extreme temperatures will little access to food and water. “People are stripped of funds for sustenance, utensils for cooking, furniture, and a place to call home,” Pastor Jay remarked.

While the Pakistani government has issued statements condemning the mob violence, no meaningful action has been taken to hold the vandals accountable. With that in mind, our persecuted family is in need of urgent prayer.


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