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In Syria, the earthquake destroyed what remained after the war


While the whole world is talking about Turkey, the earthquake of the 6th of February also caused serious damage in the northwestern part of Syria. Dániel Solymári, the international director of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, is currently in Aleppo. He talked about the situation in Syria to S4C News.

The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service set up a mobile hospital in Syria, financially supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Hungary Helps Program. The hospital was first set up in Latakia, and since Wednesday, it has been in Aleppo. 

“We started the work in Aleppo this morning, said Dániel Solymári on Thursday, where some districts were destroyed to dust. We are doing our best to help those who lost their homes or cannot go home because their houses are unsafe.”

He expressed his regret that the world is focusing on Turkey; meanwhile, the earthquake caused serious damage in the northwestern part of Syria. Moreover, the country is much more vulnerable than its northern neighbour.

“A war started in Syria in 2011 and lasted until 2021. The country is still not over the destruction that the war caused. Many buildings, which collapsed in the earthquake, like houses of cards, had been weakened in the bombings during the war. Local people comment that the earthquake destroyed what was not destroyed in the war,” he says, adding that we have to be careful when estimating the number of casualties. 

“In this part of the world, it takes more time to follow authentically the number of victims and injured” – he explained.

The Maltese Charity Service sent three people from Hungary to Syria who provided aid in Latakia and Aleppo along with 50-50 local members of the Syrian Caritas and the Greek Catholic Church. 

The Maltese would like to maintain the emergency service in Syria for one or two months, for which they would still welcome the support of those who want to help the victims of the earthquake. This is possible through the portal of the Maltese Charity Service.

Photo: Hungarian Maltese Charity Service

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