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Hungarian Foreign Minister: Persecuted Christians can count on our government’s help

Despite the present economic crisis, persecuted Christians worldwide can always count on the Hungarian Government – Péter Szijjártó, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, said in London at a conference on Monday.

The Hungarian Minister delivered a speech at the  Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative International Conference in London. In his discourse, he highlighted that,

Hungary as a Christian country is responsible for persecuted Christians.

He explained that this is why the Hungarian Government launched the Hungary Helps program five years ago. In the framework of this program, more than 80 million dollars have been spent supporting the churches in need with the reconstruction of schools, hospitals and other institutions. These projects aimed to encourage Christians to stay in their home country or return home if they had fled. 

According to information shared by Szijjártó, Hungary has already supported more than a million people in fifty-four countries. He expressed his concerns that radical ideology is spreading quickly in the 21st century, and many are exposed to ethical and religious persecution. He added that the Hungarians know this phenomenon from their history, as radical ideologies dominated the country during and after the 2nd World War.

During this time, many women were victims of rape. For this reason, Hungary pays extra attention to contributing to rehabilitating women raped by Islamist terrorists. The minister highlighted that these women can always count on the Hungarian Government despite the present financial crisis.


Photo:  MTI/KKM

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