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The Hungarian Presidential Delegation visited Christians in the Holy Land

Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for persecuted Christians, shared a photo on his Facebook Page showing the delegation of the Hungarian President, Katalin Novak, in the Holy Land. In his post, he highlighted that Hungary is always ready to help Christians in the Holy Land.

In his Facebook post, Azbej writes:

“I travelled to the Holy Land with the delegation of Hungarian President Katalin Novák, where we met local leaders of the Church.

The representatives of the local Christian Church expressed their gratitude towards Hungary for supporting them in protecting the shrines in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and for helping the local Christian community to remain. 

Madam President and I promised that Christians in the Holy Land can always count on the help and support from Hungary.”

Photo: Hungarian delegation in the Holy Land. Photo source: Facebook, Tristan Azbej

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