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Terrorists killed twenty-five people in Nigeria’s Benue State

Suspected Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists killed three Christians in Benue state, Nigeria on Sunday (Sept. 18), after slaughtering at least 22 others in the same area in past three weeks, sources said.

The assailants attacked predominantly Christian Tse Ngban village in Guma County at about 4 p.m., area resident Paul Adagu told Morning Star News in a text message. Another resident, Michael Juhul, corroborated Adagu’s account.

“The Fulani herdsmen who attacked the Ngban community were more than two dozen, and they were all armed with guns,” Juhul told morning Star News in a text message. “They killed three members of our community.”

He added that in the prior three weeks, the predominantly Muslim herdsmen killed 13 Christian in attacks on the villages of Tse Numgbera, Umella, Yogobo and Ukohol, also in Guma County.

The chairman of the Guma Local Government Area, Mike Ubah, said four of the 13 Christians were killed on Sept. 9-10 in two villages, Ukohol and Yogobo, including two women.

“The herdsmen also destroyed houses belonging to these Christians by setting fire on them during the attacks, which lasted for two days, Friday and Saturday, the 9th and 10th of September,” Ubah told Morning Star News. “A week earlier, nine Christians were killed in separate attacks in Guma Local Government Area (LGA) by these herdsmen.”

Source: Morning Star News

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