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The Chinese embassy in France has published an anti-Catholic, blasphemous satire

The Chinese embassy in France tweeted a blasphemous photo in August, Catholic media noted. US House of Representatives announcer, Nancy Pelosi, was portrayed partly as Mary and partly as a witch.


Pelosi sneaks into the room where the child, symbolizing Taiwan, is sleeping, and the child’s father is waiting in the doorway with a hammer to kill Pelosi. “Nobody likes war, but no father will let someone steal his child,” reads the caption under the photo. One of the hashtags attached to the twitt is “Mary, the child thief.”

The drawing was made by the Chinese propaganda illustrator Wuheqilin. The picture shows Nancy Pelosi, who, crowned with stars like the Mother of God, but wearing a witch-like cloak, sneaks through the window into the child’s room.

There is a map of China and Taiwan on the wall. A sleeping child has a stuffed frog in its crib – in China, Taiwan is often referred to as the symbol of a frog. In the doorway, Pelosi is waiting for the child’s father, symbolizing China, equipped with a hammer and probably an ax.

The tweet was published in early August, but the Catholic media has now paid attention to it.

The picture alludes to anti-Catholic propaganda in China, which was spread by communists from the 1950s. At that time, Catholic orphanages were accused of kidnapping and murdering Chinese children. The American Catholic media asks whether the publication of such a drawing does not mean some attempt to return to the seemingly outdated – harsh anti-Catholic rhetoric from a few decades ago. This is all the more interesting question that the Holy See is today on the eve of signing the extension of the cooperation agreement with Beijing, which concerns, inter alia, the issue of the election of bishops.


Image: PAP / Michael Reynolds

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