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Fulani herdsmen attacked Nigeria’s Benue State

Early in the morning on June 12, suspected Fulani herdsmen launched an attack on Igama village. This small community is in Benue State, located in northern Nigeria.


According to one of ICC’s representatives, the armed militants arrived around 5:30am and began shooting randomly into the air. When the villagers scattered at the sound of the gunfire, they ran into the attackers, who killed at least eleven people.

A local source told ICC, “The situation is erratic as the Fulani jihadists came when people were sleeping and unaware.”

They continued, “I suspect a grand plan to annihilate us because, despite the presence of security personnel in and around the local government, the attack still happened after all.”

When he was asked about the situation on the ground at the time of filing this report, the source stated, “The people of the community are right now thrown into perpetual fear of uncertainty.”


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