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Two girls from a religious minority are the latest victims of forced marriages


In two separate incidents, a Christian and a Hindu girl were attacked by Muslim men and forced to marry them. The Christian managed to escape from her rapist, but the Hindu girl lost her life in a violent attack.

A thirteen-year-old Christian girl called Nisha was raped by two men named Muhammad Nasir and Muhammad Bilal. The incident took place in Punjab’s Patoki district in Pakistan. A police report was filed, and both rapists were arrested. The girl is back home with her family. She is receiving treatment after going through mental and physical trauma.

In another incident, Pooja Kumari, a sixteen-year-old Hindu girl from Sukkur City of Sindh Province in Pakistan, was murdered by a man named Wahid Baksh Lashari. He used to harass Pooja and asked her to marry him and convert to Islam. When she refused, he broke into her home and tried to kidnap her. Because she resisted, he shot her with a gun, murdering her in front of her parents.

These are not unique cases; Christian and Hindu girls are not safe in Pakistan due to their religion.

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Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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