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Life of Afghan Christians at high risk since the Taliban takeover

Open Doors recently published its World Watch List report on persecution of Christians, and Afghanistan rose to the top for the first time since the reports have been issued. North Korea formally held the No. 1 spot for worst nation, but life has become more dangerous for Afghan Christians since the Taliban takeover.


The horrific yet very successful takeover by the Taliban has inspired Islamic extremists abroad. A section in the WWL report titled, “Emboldened: The ‘Talibanization’ of West Africa and beyond,” suggests that the trend of persecution by Islamic extremists is worsening.

Despite the Taliban’s attempt to look moderate in their control of Afghanistan, it is obvious that Christians in the country will face death or worse so long as the extremists are in control.

Moreover, the global community’s insufficient response to the atrocities in Afghanistan has emboldened Islamic extremist groups as they no longer fear serious retaliation.


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