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18 Christians killed in several attacks by Nigerian radicals

An ICC contact in Nigeria discovered over 500 bullet shells used in the killing of eighteen Christians in Ancha village in an attack perpetrated on the 11th of January. As the contact visited the village, located about two hours from the capital of Plateau State, villagers told him that some attackers, who they identified as Fulani militants, were dressed in black while others wore the uniform of the Nigerian Army.


Thirty soldiers with AK47s were stationed in a classroom in the community when the attack happened. The converted classroom served as a barracks for the soldiers. Despite being stationed inside the village, the soldiers did not defend it against the invading militants. Instead, they stood by and watched as houses were burnt, cars and food were destroyed, and villagers were killed. During the attack, the soldiers protected only their two vehicles and the converted classroom.

On the 23rd of January, at about 9:00pm, four Christians from Dung county, another locale near the capital of Plateau State, were killed while returning from their mining work.

They were traveling back to their homes for church service when they were attacked. A survivor of the attack said the militants were speaking Fulani language and Hausa and were dressed in military uniforms. A community leader in Dung said thirteen bullet shells were found and that they were of military provenance.

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