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Sixteen-year-old Christian girl kidnapped


A sixteen-year-old Christian girl was abducted while going to college in Pakistan at the beginning of January 2022. According to local sources, the girl will probably be forced to convert to Islam and marry her abductor.

A Christian girl named Munni Kanwal was kidnapped when she was going to her college, reports Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group.

She is a resident of the Punjab Province in Pakistan. Munni is sixteen years old and was kidnapped by the Muslims Muhammad Jaleel and Rashid Ali on her way to college. Her mother, who has been raising the girl alone since the death of her husband, filed charges at the local Police Station. She said that the men mentioned above kidnapped her daughter, and she was worried that one of them would try to force her into marriage.

According to the Facebook post, it is likely that when some time has elapsed, news will be released that the girl went with her kidnapper willingly and that she has since converted to Islam. 

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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