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Mrs Universe 2021 was nearly aborted

The American Mrs Universe, Victoria Petersen, was nearly aborted. Now, years later, she became an adoptive parent, a pro-life advocate, and she also became Mrs Universe America.

A former foster child won the Mrs Universe 2021 crown. Victoria Petersen, who entered foster care at the age of 12, won the crown for the USA. In her Facebook account, Victoria posted photos of her crowning.

“Glory be to God forever and ever. Amen. Mrs Universe 2022,” she wrote.

In her blog, Victoria said she is an advocate of foster care and the restoration of the family.

“My experience in foster care as a former foster youth, foster care advocate, & foster mom fuels my life’s passion to raise up & nurture my own family, as well as advocate for the restoration of the family. My heart is burdened for the foster care community, foster youth, vulnerable youth, & suffering families,” she said.

Victoria is also a pro-life advocate. “If we genuinely love, we must undoubtedly choose life, not just in our marches and at pregnancy centres but in our backyards, in our homes, and our foster care system,” she said.

The beauty queen from Ohio works with America’s Kids Belong, which helps foster children find permanent homes before they become adults.


Photo Souce: Victoria Petersen’s Facebook page

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