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Man detained after desecrating church in Istanbul

The Surp Takavor Armenian Church in Istanbul has been desecrated. A short video appeared on social media showing three men dancing next to a stone cross atop the church's courtyard gate. It is thought to have happened on the 10th of July.


Turkish authorities detained the three suspects two days later, while they were in their homes. An investigation is underway.

The trio is thought to be a part of a group of revellers who allegedly protested against COVID-19 regulations. Footage of the street in the city’s Kadıköy district, where the Church is located, shows people dancing to loud music. Another video shows people stopping and climbing a tow truck to dance on. 

Süleyman Soylu, Turkey’s interior Minister labelled the act as “disrespectful”, while other social media users uttered their disgust with the action.

In a Tweet, Soylu expressed his sadness over the incident directed to Arman Bükücüyan the director of the foundation in charge of the church. 



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