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Closure of abortion facilities could save hundred of Australian children

Four of the fifteen Marie Stopes Australia (MSA) abortion facilities will be closed at the end of July. The company cited financial problems and a lack of doctors and staff willing to perform an abortion as the cause. About five hundred unborn children were killed annually in the above mentioned facilities.


“Marie Stopes Australia carries out our mission of children of choice through a network of institutions – the largest provider of abortion and contraception services in the country” – we can read on the organisation’s website. Fortunately, this activity will be significantly limited as the Rockhampton, Townsville and Southport, Queensland, and Newcastle, New South Wales branches will close in the coming days.

“While many health organisations find it difficult to provide services in regional centers, Marie Stopes is even more difficult to find qualified healthcare professionals willing to provide abortion care.

In addition, Marie Stopes is “unable to meet the new lease terms for the buildings or keep up with the anticipated future costs of increasing accreditation, standards and regulations,”  the Australian abortion giant wrote in a specially released statement.


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