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Christians seriously injured in mob assault on house church in India

Morning Star News reports that a mob armed with axes and thick wooden batons in central India disrupted a home worship service and beat and threatened Christians for leaving their ancestral tribal religion this month.


Eight Christians were injured, and five of them hospitalised, including two women and a pastor who suffered head injuries and a dislocated shoulder, in the March 8th assault on a house church meeting in Surguda village, Bastar District in Chhattisgarh state, said the pastor, Samson Baghel of the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church Pastor Baghel, who lives in a nearby village, and twenty other Christians from surrounding areas had come to the home of Jaggu Kashyap for the meeting with the only three Christian families who live in Surguda village. Five of the Christians attacked sustained head injuries.

“Some church members caught hold of my hand and asked me to escape, but I said I will not leave the church members to face the tribulation alone,” Pastor Baghel told Morning Star News. “After I fell on the ground when struck twice on my head and my shoulders, church members pulled me aside, and I helplessly watched Jaggu and his family being beaten till blood oozed out of their bodies.”

Using foul language as they beat them, the approximately thirty tribal animists told the resident Christians to leave the village and ordered the visitors never to return, the pastor said.

After the onslaught, the mob collected a dozen Bibles, songbooks and household belongings, including chairs, table and a carpet, piled them outside and set them on fire, the pastor said. They also damaged nine motorbikes and four bicycles, tearing out tires, pulling out wiring and breaking glass parts, he explained.


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