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Boko Haram killed ten people in Nigerian Borno State

Ten people were killed on Tuesday at around 7:30 pm by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigerian Borno State. According to the Daily Trust newspaper in Nigeria, most of the victims were drivers who had parked their cars along the road due to nighttime movement restrictions.


Nightime restrictions have been implemented in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, the negative side of this government decision is that it also facilitates the movement and attacks of terrorist groups in the region. As a matter of fact, it becomes extremely dangerous for drivers who are stuck outside the cities for the night without shelter.

During the attack, it is believed that the terror group killed several people and abducted many others.

One source told Daily Trust that “Boko Haram came to Wassaram at about 7:30pm on Tuesday. We had just finished the night prayer. They were about thirty men and they came in three special utility vehicles. They met some people as they entered the village. They told residents to move away…people started running…they started firing at them. They killed ten persons and several others were critically injured.”

Violence in Nigeria remains at a very high level. On Tuesday, two Christians were burned alive last Friday in the Nigerian village of Manyi-Mashin, in the Kaduna region.

Earlier this month, Fulani militia rode into a village on motorcycles, shot sporadically and abducted seven students and a female teacher at the Prince Academy School in Damba-Kasanya village.



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