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The number of Church attacks are back to “normal” in France since the end of the lockdown

According to the Protege ton église (protect your church) organisation, attacks on churches in France are back to their “normal” level following a nationwide lockdown.


In an interview with ACN, the spokesperson of the organisation admitted that “the pandemic led to a decrease in attacks against churches, at least during the period of confinement.” But he added that even though the French citizens could not leave their homes between March 17th and May 11th without a serious reason, the attacks have not ceased.

And as the people returned to their offices, the children returned to the school, and the shops reopened after the lockdown, vandals continued their destructive work.

In France, on the average, there are three anti-Christian attacks a day, and as the lockdown was removed, vandalism returned to its “normal” rate.

Protege ton église is an organisation, composed mainly of young people who decided to fight against this anti-Christian mentality reigning in their country and to protect their churches. Protege ton église is not the only organisation that was created in response to the desecrating attacks.  S.O.S. Calvaires and l’Observatoire de la Christianophobie were also founded to draw attention to Christian persecution in France.

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