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India: A 16-year-old Christian girl died due to Hindu extremism

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Sometime after the elder daughter of the Sodis, Sangita was assassinated by Hindu extremists, their other daughter, Budheswarit was found hanged in the prayer room, inside their own house.

The 16-year-old girl had lived in a boarding school, but she has been staying at home for two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same way as her sister, she also got threatening messages from extremists, who stated that they would kill her if she didn’t leave her Christian faith.

Although according to some relatives and friends of the family, the girl had borne the psychological pressure and the threats with difficulty, no evidence in the room would have proved that she had committed suicide.

The presumed murderer of Budheswarit’s sister, Sangita was arrested in 2016, but according to their brother, he was not the only one responsible for the death of their sister.

The family is mourning their two daughters, but they do not even think of leaving their faith and yielding under pressure.

Source: Portas Abertas

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